Math Resources

Parents can play a major role in helping their children memorize basic math facts.

Some Helpful Ways to Practice Math Facts


Math Games

Visiting the following websites:

Ask Dr. Math
A wealth of activities K-12

Quiz It! (Math and Science)

Terrific place for fun math games.

Math games for fun.

Word Problem Solving Strategies

Math baseball, roman numerals, equivalent fractions

Roman numeral game

Fill your piggy bank with cash, but get a question wrong and you lose money!

Learn place value up to the millions and beyond if you do super-brain.

BasketMath Interactive-Basketball shooting animation is the incentive for learning math at this website. Try to answer one of the questions in the table of contents, and if you answer correctly, you make the shot.

Math Cats-A magic chalkboard takes you to a math art gallery and lots of playful, open-ended activities for exploring math concepts. Visit Polygon Playground and Tessellation Town. Create math art and animations with MicroWorlds projects.

Dictionary for Kids!
An animated, interactive dictionary for students which explains over 500 common mathematical terms in simple language.

Math for Everyone
A wealth of resources for Grades K-8

Math Facts

Interactive Math (A really cool site!)
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives


Estimation-Hangman Rounding

Rounding Flashcards

Estimation - In the Ballpark
Glowla has created this weird machine just for you to play with! Here's the deal: The machine will show you a bunch of numbers. You need to type in an estimate of what those numbers would add up to. Sure, if you had all the time in the world, you could add the numbers together, but that's the hitch-- you only have 60 seconds to give your estimate! The secret to solving this puzzle is to round the numbers before adding them together.

What a Crowd!
Estimate the size of a crowd.

Jellybean Jostle
Estimate the size of a crowd

Estimation Site

Models of Operation-CMT Review

Baseball Math for One

Math Car Racing - Computation Practice

Algebraic Thinking

Order of Operation Practice

Patterns - Guess the Number

Number Cracker -Find the Pattern
Help Mr. Cracker obtain the secret code before the insidious Prof. Soup catches him by guessing what number comes next in a series of numbers.

Rectangle Pattern Challenges-Algebraic Thinking

Think and Learn Patterns-Algebraic Thinking

People Patterns-Algebraic Thinking

AIMS(Activities Integrating Math and Science) Math Puzzles
The AIMS Puzzle Corner provides over 100 interesting math puzzles that can help students learn to enjoy puzzles and the mathematics behind them. The puzzles are categorized by type, and within each category are listed in order of increasing difficulty. The puzzles have have not been assigned a grade level appropriateness because we have discovered that the ability to do a puzzle varies by individual not grade level.

Let's Surf with Math (Grades 1-6)
Welcome! to mathSURF's teacher site full of ideas and activities for you and your students.

Math Fact Fluency and Computation

Subtraction-Facts and Computation

Basket Math - using basketballs to learn facts

A + Math Facts

Multiplication Mountain - how well do you
know your facts?

Timed Fact Practice

Quick Flash - learn those facts

Interactive Multiplication Table

Math Mayhem -
Computation-learn the facts


Graphing Made Easy

Learn about Handling Data-Mode, Median and Mean

Fraction soccer game but not for the cowardly! You must simplify!

Birds in Thirds
Art/Math Connection

Fresh Baked Fractions

Geometry and Measurement

A quick geometry game with a hidden picture.

Interactive Tangrams

Converting Measurements-Length

Play Measure It!

Using Map Scales
Math/Social Studies/Geography Connection

Introduction to Map Scales

Measuring Lengths and Widths with an Interactive Ruler

Shape Surveyor
Activities involving Area and Perimter

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